Behavior Services through Belk Model are intended to teach clients how to self identify unsafe or high risk behaviors while also encouraging clients to adopt new coping skills and replacement behaviors.  Belk Model aids clients in recognizing how to meet expectations and allows them to safely integrate into their communities while increasing their accountability for their choices and behaviors. 

An initial assessment is conducted based on our experiences with the client, information shared by other memebrs of the team, and a review of the client's records. Belk Model then uses this assessment to write a behavior plan (IBSSP.)  Both the assessment and the ISSP are shared with the team.  


Belk Model also provides ongoing cosultation to the team and family members about how to address new behaviors that arise, and to regularly discuss the effectiveness of our approach. Behavior plans are rewritten and adjusted on an ongoing manner based on these consultation meetings.


Individual counseling with a behaviorist provides clients with ongoing support to address their intellectual disabilities and mental health needs. Behavioral counseling is available for an hour per week either in the client's home, a community setting, or an office depending o the needs of the client. Counseling and consultation are provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Direct Support staff who meet the educational and training requirements are also available through Belk Model to provide behavioral Line Staff services.