DVR is a state agency that assists individuals with disabilities in finding and maintaining meaningful employment. For clients receiving services through a Community Center Board (CCB,) DVR offers an alternative funding source to support individuals in finding and securing employment before utilizing their Medicaid Waiver dollars for these services.  Your case manager cannot access Supported employment through your Medicaid Waiver unless:

  • You will not be offered at least minimum wage.  DVR can only successfully close cases for individuals earning at least minimum wage. Right now Belk Model, LLC only offers employment at minimum wage or above.

  • DVR is on a wait-list.  DVR has historically gone on a wait-list lasting up to a year or more. Right now, there is no DVR wait-list.

  • You have successfully applied and completed the DVR process, and funding is ready to be transferred to your Medicaid Waiver.

Any client interested in pursuing supported employment with Belk Model, LLC will be aided in navigating the DVR process.  If you're unsure where to start, check out our                            to determine how to start the process and how Belk Model executes services through DVR!

To being the DVR process, contact Cait McTague at

Or,                       to access the DVR application, which will need to be submitted prior to your intake meeting.


Belk Model is more than happy to aid you in completing this application. To prepare for an intake with DVR, you will also need the following documentation:

  • A copy of your individualized plan (IP) from your case manager

  • A signed copy of your medical records from your primary care physician

  • A copy of your most recent 100.2 from your case manager that outlines your level of support needs

  • A copy of your state ID