Parent Support Groups

We have learned that all parents who assume the responsibilities of caregiving for their child with a disability need to have their voices heard -- we want to provide a helpful venue to do so. 

Provider Support Groups

We have found that many of our providers grapple with common challenges, so this will be a time for us to come together and to learn some strategies to help with dynamics in the home, and common issues that may arise with the people you support.

Peer to Peer Support Groups

We see that many of the individuals we work with need additional support around maintaining healthy connections in and out of program. We guide our clients through a healthy relationship curriculum to help them grow in their interpersonal skills and maintain appropriate boundaries with others throughout the community. 

Staff Support Groups

Our team has the continued educational support, robust training as well as ongoing clinical supervision to provide the foundational knowledge necessary to work with the people that we serve. We provide ongoing and individualized support for each of our Belk Model team members so as to ensure their success in the IDD field.